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Spiral Sunday #26 – a bumper crop from Birmingham Botanical Garden

Today Karin and I took a drive up to Birmingham to visit my daughter Ellen, who is studying applied performance and community theatre at Birmingham School of Acting.  After picking her up we went for lunch at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Now, I’m a bit of a botanic gardens collector; I love visiting them, and keep a life list of those I’ve visited and a wish list of those I’d like to visit.  So I was sure I had been to the Botanical Gardens as a PhD student during a British Ecological Society conference at the University of Birmingham.  But when we arrived there I had no recollection of the glasshouses or the layout, it was not familiar at all.  Odd how the memory plays tricks, one way or another.

I can recommend a visit, though – the Gardens looked stunning even this early in the season; lots of plants in flower and even a buzzard circling low overhead.  It being Spiral Sunday, of course, I was seeing spirals everywhere; in the unfurling fronds of a tree fern (Blechnum gibbum):

Blechnum gibbum 20170319_154939.png

On a cast iron garden seat:

Seat spiral 20170319_154601

In the flowers of a variety of camellia:

Camelia 20170319_150934.png

In the leaves and flower cones of Banksia grandis:

Banksia grandis.png

And in the design of a sun hat in the Gardens shop:

Sunhat 20170319_162432.png




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Spiral Sunday #25 – a London Underground poster from the Osborne Robinson collection

Underground spiral 20170303_140031The University of Northampton is custodian of one of the best collections of posters in Britain.  The Osborne Robinson Collection now contains over 10,000 items and the university regularly displays them internally and at other venues.

This week’s Spiral Sunday shows a poster currently on display that caught my eye as I was passing.  The poster is by Edward McKnight Kauffer for London Underground (or Underground Electric Railways Co. of London, Ltd as it was), and dates from 1922.

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Spiral Sunday #15 – Happy New Year!

Chelsea spiral 20160524_082503.png

A Spiral Sunday for New Year’s Day!  This shot was taken at last year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show where I was helping the British Ecological Society win a Silver Medal.  This is the water feature in Nick Bailey’s Beauty of Mathematics, one of my favourites from that year, and a garden in which Fibonacci spirals abounded, both in the plants and the hard landscaping.

Looking forward to RHS Chelsea 2017, the BES will be producing another display, and this time hunting for a Gold Medal.  I’ll let you know how it progresses.  Happy New Year to all of my readers!


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Spiral Sunday #14 – Merry Christmas!

Christman bauble 20161225_180146.png

A double helping of Spiral Sunday for Christmas Day 2016 – two glass baubles on our Christmas tree with very different spiral forms.  In the first, the spiral is integral to the design, it is spiral in form.  In the second, molten coloured glass has been trailed in a spiral pattern on the surface to create the pattern.  Both very different, but both beautiful in their own way.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas spiral 2 20161225_132730.png

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Spiral Sunday #12 – Spirograph online


What better way to create spiral images for Spiral Sunday than with Spirograph in its many online incarnations, e.g. Inspirograph.  Have fun playing!

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Spiral Sunday #5 – Pre-Columbian Pottery

Precolumbian pots 20160911_144713.png

Two spirals for the price of one in my fifth Spiral Sunday post.  This photo was taken during our recent trip to Denmark that I described in “Why do bumblebees follow ferries?“.  These South American pots are part of a Pre-Columbian ceramics collection at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen.  Well worth a visit if you are in the city – it’s an amazing museum.

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Spiral Sunday #4 – from SCAPE

Abisko spiral 20161015_221148.png

This Spiral Sunday post is coming from the SCAPE conference, where  a bunch of us are sitting in the foyer of the Abisko tourist accommodation centre, waiting for a minibus to get us to Kiruna airport.  I took the photograph last night – it’s a close up of a woven place mat.  Spirals are everywhere, if you look closely….

Looking forward to getting home late tonight and seeing Karin and the family (including cats and chickens).

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