Welcome to my personal blog!  I’m Professor of Biodiversity in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Northampton.  I have broad research and teaching interests in the ecology, evolution and conservation of the Earth’s biodiversity.  Within this vast field I work mainly (though not exclusively) on plant-pollinator relationships, pollinator diversity, plant reproductive biology, and the evolution of flowers.  Field work to support this research has been conducted across Europe, Africa, South America and Australia.  Received my PhD in plant reproductive ecology in 1993 from Oxford Brookes University, and have lived and worked in Northampton since 1995. 

As you will see from the range of articles and research papers that I publish, however, I also have interests beyond pollination ecology, addressing wider questions related to how we conserve biodiversity within a rapidly changing environment. This is also reflected in the research and writing I do within the area of the history of human understanding and exploitation of biodiversity, specifically botanical science and horticultural exploration.

As well as the formal academic side of my work, I have acted as consultant for a number of BBC programmes and cinema documentaries, and regularly give talks to local natural history, gardening and other special interest societies.  Please contact me if you’d like me to give a talk to your group.

The entries in this blog reflect my own opinions and ideas relating to the very broad concept of biodiversity.  They benefit enormously from conversations with colleagues, friends and family, particularly my wife and sounding board Karin Blak.

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  2. emma ruthen

    Hi, I read about ‘Pollinator awareness week ‘ with great joy. I live in the SW of France and for the last four years have been running a small plant nursery just for pollinator friendly plants. I set this up for two reasons , the first being my love of insects and growing plants but mainly to try and educate gardeners and the public that they must take some responsibility for what they introduce and grow in their own gardens and the impact this can have on the environment as a whole. Trying to persuade a public that planting a diversity of plants that flower across the whole year and not just a monocrop of sterile hybrids is the way forward has been and still is my biggest challenge. Many of the big garden centers are to blame creating a blandness of plants available to the general public with no thought to a regions specific climate or insects need . I work alongside beekeepers and other groups but would love to set up a full educational gardencentre . A girl can dream! I am not even going to mention chemicals in this email or I will still be ranting next week.
    I shall be following the week with interest.
    Emma Le Jardin d’Emma

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  3. Michele Welborn

    Hello Jeff
    I’m an MK Nat Hist Soc member, and also on the Committee of the Friends of Linford Lakes Natures Reserve (was Hanson Environmental Study Centre) in Gt Linford, MK. FoLLNR have a 200+ membership. We have Open Sundays on the 3rd Sunday of every month, a Saturday Open Day every so often, and some special evening events with speakers. Can I have an email address from you, as I’d like to discuss the possiblity of talking to us. Thanks, Michele (michelewelborn@homecall.co.uk)

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  4. Israr Sheikh

    Jeff, your blogs are amazing. I only started looking at them this week, after first meeting you on Saturday, Umbrella Festival, at the Racecourse.
    I hope to visit them regularly.
    Regards, Israr

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  5. pam charnigo

    Professor I have been trying to send an email to you at your Northhampton email,without success . I am an after school teacher in the US and I was wondering if I would be able to speak to you regarding a project of mine?

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